The KCM-XJ controls up to 4-8 channels in a compact 1/4 DIN size. The KCM-XJ increases zone density and makes smaller numbers of loops affordable, yet still holds many of the advantages that a single loop controller might offer. This unit will aid designers of control equipment by
saving labor costs, installation costs, electric panel sizes, and operation costs.
●2-8 channels of temperature controls are packed into 96 x 96 x 110mm or 160 x 80 x 85mm case
●2-8 kinds of combinations of temperature set value, PID constant, alarm set value, etc.
●An optional communications interface, RS-232C,or RS-485 is available for networking to computers, PLCs and SCADA software.
●The Heat/Cool PID control features heat and cool outputs for use where process-generated heat exists.